Discover Muro, Sa Pobla, Santa Margalida, Búger and Llubí

Within the most authentic side of Mallorca is where you will find the most serene properties for sale. Llubí, Muro and Sa Pobla are towns which have preserved their traditional charm. Discover them!


The villages of Buger and Llubi are found close to Campanet towards the North of the Island of Mallorca.  Both are considered to be low key villages and are surrounded by stunning landscapes.  

The little community of Buger is the smallest municipality on Mallorca, and is situated approximately 40km north of Palma on the main Palma to Alcudia road.   What the municipality lacks in size, more than makes up for in natural beauty. The "Torrent de Buger" watercourse forms a natural boundary to the south and makes for a beautiful walk as it flows through the ancient oak forests and past an old Majorcan water mill. The beautiful forest areas are a reminder of how much of the island would once have looked



The residential town of Llubi is situated approximately 45km, north east of the capital and has been relatively untouched by tourism.  You wolud be pushed to find any mention of the village in any tour operator´s brochure.

The village of Llubi has gained its name from the Roman name of "Castro-Lupino".  It predominately is a quiet agricultural town, which is known on Mallorca for its cultivation of capers.  The majority of the buildings are perfect examples of traditional Mallorcan architecture.

Time seems to have stopped here, making Llubi a true treasure for visitors who want to spend a relaxing holiday in peace and tranquility. This charming village is the ideal place to explore the historic side of Mallorca or simply enjoy one of the many hiking and biking trails.


Sa Pobla

Sa Pobla is a developing town with over 10,000 permanent inhabitants.  Situated a short drive from the Historic Town of Pollensa, Sa Pobla known for its agriculture and the unassuming potato.  It is famous for exporting its production of potatoes to many countries and even holds a festival in its honour every year.

The surrounding area holds many attractions such as the close proximity to the beautiful Playa de Muro beaches.  The town boasts excellent transport connections with a train connecting directly to the centre of Palma and the main motorway connecting by car in around 35 minutes.  

The origins of Sa Pobla date back to the time of the Roman conquest of the island in 123 BC. Some Archaeological excavations have revealed that there may even have been settlements here before this date.

One of the main attractions of the area is the Albufera nature reserve which borders the town. The nature reserve is popular for hikes, walks and particularly good for bird watching.



In the agricultural region of 'Pla de Mallorca' is Muro, a traditional rural town in the north of Mallorca. Many know Muro thanks to the famous seaside resort  of 'Playa de Muro'. This picturesque village with its sandstone buildings and old church is a typical example of traditional Mallorca.

Muro dates back to 1232 and literally means 'wall'. The town is characterized by its tourism and rich agriculture. Agriculture has a long tradition and still exists today, as the fertile plains provide a rich harvest. Muro has plenty of shopping opportunities nearby, and on Sundays, fresh local produce can be bought at the weekly market.

The family-friendly sandy beach is just a short drive from the village and is very popular among visitors for its fine sand and shallow waters. Near Muro are the rural communities of Llubí, Santa Margalida, Sa Pobla and Buger. The nearest coastal town is Can Picafort and the quiet beach village of Son Serra del Marina.


Santa Margalida

The village of Santa Margalida got its name from the 1241 documented church of Santa Margarita and is adjacent to the municipalities of María de la Salud, Muro, Arta, Petra and Ariany. The nearest coastal towns are Can Picafort and Son Serra de Marina.

The agriculture is characterized by its production of cereals and almonds in addition to its vineyards and olive groves. In Santa Margaldia there is a great heritage of horse breeding, mainly for sports and recreational purposes.

Santa Margalida is located just a few minutes from the city of Can Picafort, which is characterized by its tourism in the summer and its busy life on the beach promenade.

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